Take a look at the differences between The SB and BB in Poker

Q: What’s the difference between the Small Blind and Big Blind in poker?

A: Poker has each table a name that is related to the button (dealer) at which it sits.

For example, the player to the left of a button is the “small blind”, while those two players (dealer and dealer) are called the “big blind”.

The most well-known poker variations (Hold’em and Omaha) have the small blind putting the “smallblind” in the pot before the hand begins. The big blind must then put the “bigblind” in the middle.

Let’s take, for example, a $1/$2 cash-game. In this example, the small blind is $1 and the big blind is $2. The Small Blind will place $1 in the middle, while $2 will go to the Big Blind. The dealer automatically takes this amount. Players could fold indefinitely if blinds were not taken before the hands began.

These are the main differences between the Big Blind & the Small Blind.

1) The Big Blind places more money in the middle of the table. In a $1/$2 cash game the Big Blind will place $2, while the Small Blind will contribute $1.

This dynamic can have a huge impact on the way hands are played. If the action folds to the button, and he raises to $4 ($1/$2blinds), you’d be calling much less in the big blind since you already have $2. It is not a bad idea to call an additional $2 with a speculative card. You are more likely to fold if you are the small blind.

2) The small blind is the worst position at the table. The worst position in any hand is the one to the left of the dealer.

The small blind acts first on every street after the flop has been dealt. This is a serious disadvantage.

Although the big blind is not in a good spot, he is better than the small blind because the small blind will be first to act in any postflop action.

The two main differences between small and large blinds are:

1) The amount to be added to the pot before the hand begins

2) Position

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