Poker Basics: What’s a Poker Rake?

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All poker players should consider the rake. Essentially, the rake is a fee taken by the online poker site or casino. The rake covers overheads and operating costs, but you can reduce the impact on your bankroll.

We will help you understand the rake system and point you to the best rake poker sites.

How casinos calculate the poker draw

The casino or cardroom charges a rake commission to cover overheads. It can be up to 15% of the tournament fee in poker tournaments. A 5% rake may be added to cash poker games. It can go up to $5 or $10.

Every poker room charges a rake, though the amounts may vary from one state to another and one website to another.

Pot Rake

Pot rake refers to a fee that is charged for cash games. Rake is a percentage of the pot. To qualify for rake, the hand must be a flop.

There will also be a maximum rake that can be taken from the pot. A casino that charges a 5% rake for cash game pots will typically take $10.

Pot rake is a popular method for low- and medium-stakes poker players. It’s also the most used method at top online poker sites.

After calculating whether the pot has reached the threshold, the dealer will take the chips out of the hand and place them in a dropbox. The computer automatically removes the rake in an online cash game.

Most cardrooms and poker websites have a no-fool, no-rake policy. No charge will be charged if the hand does not reach a flop.

Imagine you’re playing a $1/$2 Texas Hold’em game and the pot is $60 at showdown. The maximum rake at the casino is 5%.

The casino would then take 5/100 x $60 or $3.

Let’s assume that the pot is $600. The casino will take its maximum 5% but will not exceed the max rake $10. 5% of $600 equals $30. But only $10 will be taken.

Las Vegas Rake Rates

  • ARIA:Maximum of 10% – $4
  • Bally’sMaximum of 10% – $5
  • Bellagio:Maximum of 10% – $4
  • Caesars Palace:Maximum of 10% – $4

Online Rates for Rakes

The limits of online poker sites can affect the rake. This is an example of a typical rake for an internet full-ring cash game:

$0.10/$0.25-10/20Maximum of $3

$1/$2 – $5/$10Maximum of $4

$15/$30 to $25-$50Maximum of $5, 5%

Dead Drop

Some brick-and-mortar cardrooms charge a dead drop fee. This is a rake that poker players pay the same.

The pot rake is where the winner player gets the rake. In a dead-drop, however, the button typically pays a fixed amount of rake before the hand starts. This ensures that all players at the table pay the same regardless of whether or not they win.

Fixed Fee

After complaints from players who had won, land-based cardrooms introduced fixed fees. The players argued that the winners should pay all the rake when there is no one else.

Every player pays a fee to sit down at the table. This ensures that the casino is able to continue taking rake even if several losing players are present at the table. It is also fair for high stakes players, who might end up paying large amounts of rake on huge pots.

Timed Collection

Cash players can spend hours playing online poker or in a card room. Timed collections were created to address this problem.

Poker players will be charged a rake every hour the table is active. Even if you join the table for only 30 minutes, the fee will still apply.

The timed collection ensures that the casino collects a fee for every player seated during that hour. These are more popular among high-stakes players, who may want to avoid higher rake fees on their pot.

Tournament fees

When you enter a poker tournament, you will be required to pay a rake. Whether you’re playing Texas Hold’em, Omaha or Stud, there will be a fee chargeable when you enter. You can play in either an online or live card room.

The fees charged by poker sites vary. The average rake is between 10-20%.

Imagine that you are entering a Texas Hold’em tourney costing $33. The rake is 10%. This means that $3 is retained by poker rooms and $30 goes into prizepool.

The fee for Sit ‘nGos can range from 7-10%. The rake for short-term turbo Sit’n Gos, which offer a random Jackpot, can be as high as 5-8%

You can enter an online Sit’n Go for $15. The rake is approximately 7.2%. $13.92 from the buy-in is used to fund the prizepool. The poker site retains $1.08.

When playing online poker, it is important to get the lowest rake. offers full reviews of legal online poker sites in the United States. Compare poker sites to compare the best deals and lowest fees.

No Rake

Many of the best online poker rooms offer tournaments without rake. Freerolls offer tournaments that are completely free to enter and come with some extra prize money.

You can also find rake-free tournaments on poker sites where you pay the buy-in. These tournaments help attract new players and keep them on the site.

Some of the larger legal poker rooms offer reduced-rake tournaments. While you will need to pay some fees, there are still chances that more players will sign up.

A prize guarantee is included in some reduced-rake tournaments. If not enough players sign up, the overlay will be reached. Any money that is not claimed by the poker site will be refunded.

Online sites don’t often offer rake-free cash games. If tables are short, however, brick-and-mortar cardsrooms might offer no-rake or low-rake sessions.

How to earn online Rake Bonuses

Poker sites are funded by players. You can still earn some of the rake by taking a bonus at a poker site.

For example, most legal poker rooms in New Jersey offer a rakeback program. A program can be joined to earn cash or a portion of the rakeback you have earned.

This can be done by earning points every time you play cash or tournament games. You might get 1 point for every $1 you spend at the table. To qualify, you must usually actively participate in a cash game pot.

Once you have reached the required points, you’ll start earning a rakeback percentage. Cash is typically paid directly into your online poker account. A rakeback promotion is usually offered on both cash game rake and Sit ‘nGo or MTT (Multi-Table Tournaments) fees.

Imagine that you have $100 to spend on Hold’em Cash games. You will have 100 points. Your points can be used to redeem cash at a rate between 20-30% and then you can use them for cash. You would earn between $20 and $30 in rakeback.

The Best Online Poker Sites

All poker sites charge fees and rake to their players. You should look for the lowest rake online poker sites if you are serious about playing. compares the rakes of all the top legal poker sites in order to offer you the best deals.

Below is a list with rake fees for tournaments and cash games at legal poker sites in America.

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Play Today at the Lowest Rake Poker Sites

There are fees and a rake for all cardrooms and poker websites. Our guide will help you find the lowest-rake poker sites for 2020.

Each of our top-rated US poker venues is legal and full of cash games and tournaments. No matter what poker variant you prefer or your stake level, there are great rooms that offer low fees and juicy bonuses.

To read the most recent reviews about every legal US poker site, click on the links. There are loyalty programs that offer rakeback, as well as great freerolls that give away real money.

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