How To Play Ultimate Texas Hold Em

What is Ultimate Texas Hold Em (UTH)?

Ultimate Texas Hold’em, also known as Extreme Texas Hold’em, is a new casino table game that can be found both in brick-and-mortar casinos and online. Ultimate Texas Hold’em can be described as the classic game of poker, but it is now played against the house.

Of course, as with all table games, Ultimate Texas Hold’em has a slight house edge, meaning you will be losing money in the long run. It’s still a fun game that adds variety to casino’s table games offering. This helps casinos stand out from those which offer only blackjack and roulette.

The board layout in Ultimate Texas Hold’em can be intimidating. You won’t feel intimidated by the various areas on the board. Understanding the differences and how they work should help you relax.

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The first step in learning how to play ultimate Texas hold’em is to understand the standard poker hand rankings. Your winnings are dependent on how strong your hand ranks, so it’s important to be familiar with them.

Poker Hand Rankings

Here is our guide to poker hand rankings. Knowing which hands are better than others in poker will help you to understand why you’re winning or losing when you play.

Unlike in standard Texas Hold’em (which is played against other players rather than the house) you wont need to declare your hand in Ultimate Texas Hold Em, the dealer will take care of that, but it is good to know what you have.

hand ranking options

Texas Hold Em: Hand Stages

You may not be familiar with the basic rules of texas hold em poker.

The traditional texas poker game involves you being dealt two cards face-down (these are your ‘hole cards’). The table then receives 5 community cards. You must use any 5 cards from the deck to make the best hand possible using the hand rankings.

The five community cards are dealt in the order of turn (1 card), flop (3 cards), and river (1 card). After each deal, a round is made of standard Texas hold’em poker. The hand stages are as follows:

  • Pre-flop betting is a round of betting that takes place before the flop.
  • After the flop, the first three community cards were dealt and a second round of betting was initiated.
  • After the turn, a third round of betting (the fourth community card), was conducted.
  • After the fifth community card has been dealt, the river is the last round of betting.

In Ultimate Texas Hold Em however, the turn, river and river are always dealt together. This means that you will get three community cards (the flip) and then two additional cards (the turn, river, and the river) without any betting. The hand stages in Ultimate Texas Hold’em progress as follows:

  • Before you get dealt cards, place your blind or ante.
  • Two cards are dealt face-down and then a round is initiated. It is important to note that you can only place a 3x or 4x bet on your blind and ante during this stage. You can also check if you don’t want to place a wager on your cards.
  • If you check, the dealer will give the flop to you. You can place a bet that is only 2x your ante amount or you can check again.
  • The dealer will then deal the fourth and fifth cards if you ask again. If you wish to place a wager on your hand strength, your maximum bet is 1x your ante amount. If your hand is still not favorable, and you don’t want to place a bet on it, you can fold and forfeit your blind and ante bets.
  • The dealer will deal all five community cards if you place a bet before the flop. If you place a bet on the flip, it will work the same way. In Ultimate Texas Hold’em, players can only bet once.

Bet Types In Ultimate Texas Hold Em

There are four types of bets you can make in Ultimate Texas Hold Em. These are:

  • The ante, blind, sometimes called odds, must be placed before the hand starts and should be equal in amount.
  • The “play” betting option represents the amount you raised during the hand. If you like your hand enough to raise, you can place 3x-4x your preflop ante in the play box. 2x your bet is when the action moves to the flop. 1x is when you are on the river. After you have made a play wager, your hand will be declared over and the dealer will reveal any community cards. The hand strength determines the winner.
  • You can also make the optional trip bet, which is a side wager and will pay based on your hand strength regardless of whether you win or lose. For more information on the prizes you could win, see the payouts section.

Not all games allow you to place 3x pre-flop bets. This is Heads-Up Poker. For more information on how Heads-Up Poker compares to Ultimate Texas Hold’em, please see the strategy section below.


Ultimate Texas Hold em: Winning

After all community cards have been dealt, and betting has ended, a game of Ultimate Texas Hold’em can be decided. The dealer will then reveal their cards to the player. The winner is determined based on the standard poker hand rankings shown in the chart.

There are still other ways to win Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

Ultimate Texas Hold Em Payouts

For the various types of bets you can place, the pay tables for ultimate Texas hold em are different. The strength of your hand and the strength of the dealer’s hands will affect how much payout you receive.

Simply put, Ultimate Texas hold’em has a best-case scenario where you have a strong hand such as a flush or full house, and the dealer has a hand that is at least one pair stronger than your hand. This scenario would result in you winning 1:1 on the ante and play bets and you winning on the blind bet based on your hand strength. You would also get a payout depending on your hand strength if you made a “trips” bet.

3-Ultimate Texas Hold Em Paytable

What is the House Edge In Ultimate Texas Hold Em?

Ultimate Texas Hold Em is a relatively new casino game with a low house edge. However, the absolute house edge for the ante bet is only 2.19%.

Remember that you can place additional bets during the hand which will pay at a 1:1 rate. This means that the average total bet per hand will be around 4.1x the ante amount. This means that the house edge should be approximately 0.53%. This is exactly the same as Blackjack, if played with a perfect strategy.

It can be difficult to calculate the house edge in games that have additional bets after the hand has begun. It is possible to get a game with just a little over half of a percent (0.53%) house edge with the right strategy.

Ultimate Texas Hold Em Strategy

This strategy will help you win more money and make Ultimate Texas Hold Em more enjoyable. This guide will help you get to the 0.53% figure.

The rule of thumb is to never accept a 3x raise. If you have the option, the 4x increase is the best.

When To Make The 4x Raise

In the following situations, you will need to raise the 4x:

  • Any Ace is yours
  • Any King, any hand K5 and better
  • Q6 suit or better, Q8 offsuit and better
  • J8 is suitable or better, J10
  • Pocket pairs 33s and better

Sometimes raising 4x is not possible. The maximum raise you can get is 3x pre-flop. This is a variant of the game Heads Up Hold Em. You can make the 1x or 2x raises exactly the same, but you should follow the following strategy to make 3x raises.

When To Make The 3x Raise

You can only make the 3x increase if the 4x raise is not available.

  • Any Ace, suited and unsuited
  • K5 is suited for or better than K7, and if it’s not, K7 or better
  • If Q8 is not suitable, Q10 or better
  • J10 is suitable
  • All pairs except pocket 2s

When To Make The 2x Raise

  • Any hand 2 pairs or better
  • Any pair that contains one of your hole cards, except a pair with 2s
  • 4 to a flush if you have the 10 or higher of that suit

When To Make The 1x Raise

  • Any pair that contains one of your hole cards
  • You can only beat 21 cards. This does not include 2 card combinations. Instead, you can simply find out which cards the dealer has that are better than yours and then fold if they have more than 21.

Ultimate Texas Hold Em: Why you should play

First, you now know enough about the game to not play Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

If you are a regular Blackjack player, you have to admit that it can get a bit boring over time, especially if you’re not counting cards and taking the casino for all they’ve got.

Ultimate Texas Hold Em can spice up your casino visit, without you having to play high-stakes games like Roulette or, dare i say it, slot machines.

FAQ Ultimate Texas Hold Em

What is Ultimate Texas Hold em?

  • You can play the game with any 52-card deck.
  • To start a hand, the player must place equal bets on both the blind spots and the ante.
  • Each player gets two cards face-down. The dealer and the player can each look at their cards.
  • A player can make a check or a play wager equal to 3x, 4x, or even more than the ante.
  • The dealer will reveal 3 community cards
  • If the player has already checked, they can make a Play wager equal to 2x their Ante. The player who has already placed a Play wager may not place another one.
  • The dealer shows 2 more community cards
  • If the player has checked twice before, they will need to make a Play wager equal to their Ante or fold. They may not raise if they have already raised.
  • The dealer and player are presented with the face-down cards and then the best five card hand is determined.

What are the house odds on Ultimate Texas Holdem?

Although the house edge for the Ante bet is approximately 2.19%, after all raises and taking into account the blind bet the edge is closer to 0.53%. This is a very good edge for a casino game.

Do you want to play the Ultimate Texas Hold em trips bet?

Trips bets are side bets, which means that the house edge is much higher than in the main game. If you’re comfortable with a house advantage of more than 3%, then consider it. 500:1 is very attractive for a straight flush.

Can you beat Ultimate Texas Holdem?

Ultimate Texas Hold Em has a house edge so the short answer to that question is no. You can find a great strategy to bring down the edge to 0.53%. This is the lowest possible percentage in any casino other than BlackJack.

Where can you play ultimate texas hold’em?

Ultimate Texas Hold’em can be played online or at brick and mortar casinos. It’s not always available in every brick and mortar casino, so it might be worth doing some research. We have been playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em online at PokerStars, but most online casinos have this game.

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