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Although it may seem complicated, craps is as simple as rolling the dice. This guide will show bettors how to play craps. It includes rules and the best bets. There are also free games that can be played to test their skills.

What is Craps?

Craps can be described as a casino game that uses two dice, a board and chips to place wagers. Craps can be played in rounds with up to 20 people taking turns as the shooter and rolling dice. Craps’ goal is to correctly predict the value of the dice rolled by the shooter.

Players place bets on the initial roll of the dice. This is known as the “come-out roll”. This round is where players decide whether the dice will land in a 7 or 11, Pass Bet, 2, 3, or 12, Don’t Bet. If the total dice value of all players is 7 or 11, (also known as a natural), 2, 3, or 12, (also known as ‘craps) then the round is over.

If the total value of the dice rolled is four, five or six, seven, eighteen, nine, or ten, then that number becomes ‘Point’. This will start the next stage in the craps game. To help players understand the game, the base dealer will place a puck at the point number on the craps tables and collect additional bets. The shooter then rolls the dice once more. The process continues until the shooter rolls the dice again.

Learn how to play craps online

Craps is a popular game among beginners because it’s easy to learn and fun to play. The rules for this dice game are the same whether you play it online or at a Vegas casino.


A pass line bet is the foundation of all craps games. Craps players must decide whether the dice will land on a 7 or 11, to win (‘pass line’). Or, lose if the dice land on a 2, 3, or 12.


All pass bets are taken by the base dealers and added to the craps table.


The shooter begins the craps game by rolling the first of the dice (known as the “comeout roll”)


Pass line bettors will win if the dice land on 7 and 11. Alternately, pass bettors won’t win if the dice land together on 2, 3, or 12. The game ends if any other numbers are landed on, and the game will continue.


Craps players can place a point (4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10) on the craps table. They can also bet on the dice landing on different numbers or losing the entire game by landing on 7.


The shooter will roll the dice until they land either a 7 or a point.


The shooter who lands the point will remain the shooter in the next game of craps. If they roll 7, the shooter “sevens out” and becomes the shooter.

Craps is easy to understand. The variety of bets that players can place makes it more difficult to grasp the rules. For beginners, you can place simple bets on one number and win or lose each roll. You’ll learn more advanced craps strategies as you play more frequently.

Basic Craps Rules

Craps can be a fast-paced game. It is difficult to grasp the rules by just watching. Craps rules are based on the shooter and the bets. They are therefore easy to understand and apply. These rules will help you remember to be safe next time you play craps at a casino.


Wait for a spot at a craps table

A game of craps can be joined by up to 20 people. Each player has their own chips shelf. These shelves are used by dealers to track bets. Wait until one is available before you join a game.


Follow shooter etiquette

If the shooter scores the point to end the game in craps, they are still the shooter for the next game. The position becomes vacant only if the shooter scores seven.


Don’t bet on different die

Craps bets can only be placed if the total value of both dice is equal. Dealers won’t accept bets on any one die in a game.


You can lose and win bets even if you aren’t the shooter

Some players believe that their bets are only valid if they are the ones who roll the dice. If their chips are on a table, they are considered to be in craps.


Only place bets when the dealers are accepting them

The dealers announce the time that bets will be taken in every round of craps. Nobody likes a player who tries to halt the excitement at the craps table. So make sure you get yours in before the dealers come around.

Layout of Craps Table

All beginner craps players need to learn how to place bets and the layout of the craps tables. Although casino craps can be fast-paced, many dealers will gladly explain the different bets to players. Players who don’t know how to play craps tables can limit the number of bets that they can place, which can lead to a reduction in their chances of winning. Let’s take a look at the layout for a craps table.

Two sides of a regular craps table have the same pattern on their left and right. The gameplay is the same on both sides. It’s not designed to allow more people to play at one table. This allows two dealers to manage the bets at a craps table when it gets busy.

The Pass Line & Don’t Pass Bar

This section houses pass line bets. The dealer will place wagers in this box if a player believes the shooter will hit a combination 7 or 11. These are called ‘don’t pass bets’ by the dealer.

Big Six & Big Eight

One of the most common bets that players place is the ‘Big 6’ or ‘Big 8’ on craps tables. This section of the craps table is where bettors wager if they believe the shooter will land a 6, 8 or 7.

The Field

This section of the craps table allows players to bet on the probability that the shooter will land a 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11 on one roll of the dice. This bet is known as The Field. If players place a wager that the dice will land on 2, 12, or 3, they can double, or even triple their money.

Come and don’t come

The Come and Don’t Come sections of a craps table layout work in the same way as the pass line bets. These bets cannot be placed until the craps game has ended. If a player believes the shooter will land either a 7 or 11, they add their chips into the Come box. Alternately, if a shooter is predicted to land a 7 or 11, they will add their chips to the Come box.

Pro tip

Because it has multiple numbers, many casino players believe The Field is a good place to bet on making it craps. However, statistically, it is more likely that 5, 6, 7, or 8 will land in craps. Check the craps strategy page to learn about odds and the best craps bets to make.

The Place

The Place can be found near the boxman on the craps table and is one the fastest-paced bets in craps. Place To Win bets allow players to place wagers that the shooter will land a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 9 or 10 before landing a 7. These wagers can be placed in The Place at any point during the game. A player who thinks that the shooter will score a 7 before any number of the above numbers is a “Place to Lose” bet. This is added to The Place on craps table.

Centre Section

All players are allowed to share the middle of a craps table. Players can place proposition bets here. These single-roll wagers are made on the probability of dice faces landing in a particular pattern.


Note that the layout of a craps table can vary depending on whether it is a regular or half-table table. Players can place the same bets on a craps game regardless of which table they choose.

Craps Bets

The bets are the main focus of craps action. While players don’t have to know every side bet in craps to participate in a game, it will be easier to learn the basics of craps. Here are the most common craps bets players will find in a casino:

Pass Line Bet & Don’t Pass Bet

This bet is all that’s required to join a craps table. Pass line betting is where players wager that the shooter will roll a value of seven or eleven before rolling a 2, 3, or 12. Statistics show that seven is the most likely number to win craps. This is why many bettors wager on the pass line.

The Don’t Pass Bet simply reverses the Pass Line Bet. The Don’t Pass Bet is a wager that a player will land on two or three landings before a seven or 11. If a 12 is rolled, the bet is a push and the dealer will return the player’s funds.

Do not Come Bet!

After a point number is rolled, this bet cannot be wagered. A player can make a Come wager if they believe the shooter will roll a seven- or eleven-digit dice value before they land the point number.

The Don’t Come Bet is similar to the Don’t Pass Bet. A Don’t Come Bet is a wager that a player will land the number of points on the dice value, before landing a seven or eleven.

Craps Betting Tips

These tips are for new players who want to play online craps. These tips will help you select the best casino site for your bankroll and show you how to avoid common pitfalls when playing craps online.


Make a decision about your bankroll

Players should determine how much of their bankroll can be devoted to casino games over multiple sessions. Do not make any alterations to your bankroll once you have established how much you can lose without destroying your funds.


Find the right Craps game for you

There are many types of craps games offered online, including Bank craps and Vegas craps. Before you play, make sure that you are familiar with the rules and odds. Online casinos that offer the best games will often have a help page or paytable.


Be sure to check the betting limits

Online casinos allow players to adjust their betting limits during a craps game. These limits can be modified for players with low or high stakes, but this must be done before the game begins. Online craps games can quickly lead to rapid losses.


The RTP percentage of the Craps game can be found here

Online casinos offer craps games with a standard RTP of 98.64%. Choose a different casino if the RTP is lower for online craps games.


Enjoy Welcome Bonuses

New players can enjoy welcome bonuses at online casinos. These bonuses can be used to increase your gaming, even though wagering requirements must be taken into account. Learn which casino bonuses are the best to find, and then use casino reviews to find the best sites that offer these perks.

Enjoy Online Craps

It’s time for you to practice now that you have a basic understanding of the rules, the bets and the layout of the craps table. Use our collection of free games below, with no download required, to improve your skills before moving on to real money craps.

For beginners, free craps games can be a great way to learn. Without risking any money, players can test their skills or practice their betting strategies. Simple errors can lead to costly mistakes in any online craps game. Players should practice their skills on free games until they feel confident enough to gamble for real money.

Online craps players will have the same rules and bets, but the gameplay might differ. So you can have fun playing craps, our experts will highlight the key differences.

Playing Craps in a Casino

The main differences between online and casino craps games are the staff presence and shooter. The following individuals manage a craps table in casino craps:

The Boxman

This person is responsible for ensuring that the chips are exchanged and cash is available to players. This person also oversees dealers to make sure no bets are missed.


The Stickman is always accompanied by a long hook and moves the dice to shooter. He announces the result of each roll.

Base Dealers

Two base dealers are usually present at every craps table. They collect bets, pay out winnings, and can place bets for players.

Craps is fast-paced. The Boxman, Stickman, and Base Dealers must work quickly to collect winnings and collect bets before the next roll. They also place the craps puck on each table to help players keep track. This puck can be placed on specific bets like the point. This allows players to know when they are allowed to place certain bets during a craps game.

These casino staff members are not usually present in online craps games. In land-based casino craps you can also place a bet without having to be the shooter. Online craps requires that you be the shooter for every round.

The main difference between playing online craps and at a casino in your area is the random number generator. This device is used by casinos to generate millions, if not thousands of possible ‘answers’ every second for online craps games. Randomly, the game will choose one and convert it into a roll in an online craps game. This system replicates the randomness of a regular craps game.

Pro tip

Make sure that an online casino has been licensed and regulated independently. This means that random number generators used by online casinos are regularly inspected to make sure they are fair and random.

How to win at Craps

Many casinos claim that players can use dice control to win every time they play craps.


What is dice control? This controversial theory states that players can learn to throw the dice correctly and land the numbers they desire. Players can control how the dice land, by learning to throw them at the right angle and reducing rotations.

This is a tempting prospect for beginners to craps. However, there are so many factors that could influence the technique that even hours of practice can cause it to fail. The dice must bounce off of the side of the table in craps games. This reduces the potential influence that dice control might have. Dice control is also impossible to use in online craps games.

For beginners who want to win at craps the best method to learn is the odds, payouts, and house edge of all craps bets. You can start deploying betting strategies once you have a good idea of the craps bets that offer the highest payouts and best chances of winning. This information is easy to read and can be used in online craps games. We also have some strategies that could increase your chances of winning.

Craps Terminology

The lingo of craps can be confusing for beginners. It revolves around the various bets that players can place, but once you have a good grasp of these terms, it becomes much easier to understand the terminology. You won’t be ‘crapping out’ if you know some of the terms that are used in craps games.

Ace: A die that shows the face value one

Big Red: A roll of seven.

Box Numbers: Another term for place bet numbers 4, 5, 6-8, 9, and 10.

Crap numbers: The numbers 2, 3, or 12.

Crap Out: Losing on the comeout roll using a dice value of 2, 3, or 12.

Simple way: Make rolls of 4, 6, 8, or 10 without using the double.

Edge: An abbreviation for the house edge.

Front: Another name for the pass line.

George: A player who tips well.

Hard Number: Any number that is rolled as a pair of dice, i.e. A total of 4 that is made up of 2 dice faces.

The Hard Way: A bet on 4, 6, 8, or 10 that pays if the dice land in pairs.

Hi-Lo is a one-roll wager on 2 or 12.

These are place bets on numbers 5-6 or 8-9.

Little Joe is a slang term that refers to a roll of four dice.

Little Phoebe is a term that refers to a roll of five.

Marker/Puck is the marking/puck used to identify the point number on a craps table.

Natural Numbers: A roll of the dice that results in a number between 7 and 11.

Place bets on the Outside Numbers, such as the 4-10 and 5-9.

Puppy Paws is a slang term that refers to a roll of the dice with 10 numbers.

Right Betor: These are players who bet on the pass line.

Snake Eyes: This is slang for 2 and each die faces a single dot.

These are working bets that are in place for the next roll.

Wrong Bet: This refers to a player who bets against the shooter.


What’s the best way to win in craps?

Pass bets are the most popular wager in craps. They have a low house edge of 1.40%. This bet is easy for beginners, while experienced players can increase their chances of winning.

How to play craps with the dice?

A shooter is the person responsible for rolling the dice in every craps game. The shooter will be given five identical dice by the stickman. The shooter will take two of the lot and wait for the dealer to signal. After that, he or she will roll the dice. The stickman will announce what the outcome is, then wait for any payouts or bets, and then the shooter will roll the dice again until the game ends.

Are online craps games rigged?

Online craps games use a random number generator (RNG) to recreate the randomness of regular craps game play. This ensures fair gameplay for all players. Online casinos that are regulated by an independent regulator should only be used. They regularly inspect casino sites to make sure there are no inconsistencies with their RNGs.

How can you win every time at craps?

While it is impossible to correctly guess every roll of the dice in craps, players can take several steps to improve their potential payout. Increase your odds of winning by increasing your initial bets at craps tables. This will allow the house edge to take less of the player’s money.

Can you learn craps?

Although craps is largely a game based on chance, there are some statistical skills involved. Players can increase their odds of winning craps by understanding how certain numbers will land on the dice.

Are you able to win consistently in craps?

Craps is a random table game that involves predicting the numbers of the dice. To win consistently in craps, learn which casino bets have the best odds, and the lowest house advantage. This will give players the best chance to win in craps.

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